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Conference overview

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Plenary Speakers

Sir David John Spiegelhalter

Understanding Uncertainty

University of Cambridge, UK

Tuesday 14th May 2019 (AM)

“Handling Uncertainty”

Corinna Cortes

Machine Learning

Google Research, New York, US

Tuesday 14th May 2019 (PM)

“Machine Learning at Google”

Mischa Dohler

Wireless Communications

King’s College, London - UK

Wednesday 15th May 2019 (AM)

“Internet of Skills – Where 5G, Robotics and AI Meet”

Today’s internet, accessed by fixed and mobile networks, allows us to transmit files, voice and video across the planet. With the emergence of an ultra-responsive and reliable ‘Tactile Internet,’ advanced techniques in robotics and artificial intelligence, we predict the emergence of an ‘Internet of Skills’ which allows the transmission of labor globally. It will invoke an important shift from content-delivery to skillset-delivery networks, where engineers would service cars or surgeons performing critical operations anywhere on the planet. For this to work, however, we require some fundamental laws of physics to be “reengineered.” This keynote will discuss the vision, technology and building blocks for said emerging Internet of Skills. I will deep-dive into some of these building blocks, such as 5G and its ability to deliver ultra-low latency networking capabilities as well as open challenges from a signal processing point of view.

Affiliations & Contact:
Prof Mischa Dohler
Chair Professor, King's College London
Fellow, IEEE RAEng & Royal Society of Arts
Cofounder, Worldsensing

Mobile: +44 7873 252 444

Herman Ney

Speech Processing

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Friday 17th May 2019 (AM)


Wiener Prize Winner

Thursday 16th May 2019 (AM)


Tutorial proposals have now been accepted, especially those related to the theme of the conference and to new and emerging topics.

Tutorials will have a duration of 3 hours and will take place at the conference venue on Sunday and Monday, i.e., May 12 and 13, 2019.

Accepted Tutorial Sessions

Speaker Tutorial Title Schedule
Philip Jackson Personalising Sound Over Loudspeakers Sun PM
David Rousseau Data augmentation techniques for deep learning Sun PM
Henk Wymeersch 5G Positioning Sun PM
Filip Sroubek Restoration and recognition of blurred images Sun PM
Marcello Caleffi Quantum Communications :  Signal Processing meets Entanglement Mon AM
Robert Heath signal processing for vehicular systems Mon AM
Meinard Müller Cross-Modal Music Retrieval and Applications Mon AM
Georgios B. Giannakis Learning Nonlinear and Dynamic Connectivity and Processes over Graphs Mon AM
Tuomas Virtanen Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events Mon PM
Malcolm Slaney Sketching Mon PM
David Wipf Deep Generative Models Mon PM
Vladimir Stankovic Unlocking the potential of smart meter data via energy analytics Mon PM

Tutorials - chair

Patrick Naylor

Imperial College London, UK

Dave Bull

University of Bristol, UK

Mark Plumbley

University of Surrey, UK

Special sessions

The program for ICASSP 2019 will include Special Sessions that complement the traditional program with new and emerging topics of interest to the signal-processing community, especially those in line with our theme of Empowering Science and Technology for Humankind​. The aim of a special session is to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art as well as to highlight current research directions and challenges in specific fields of signal processing.

Inquiries about Special Sessions can be sent to and CCed to and

Special Sessions, 2019

Signal processing for body sensor networks Anomaly Detection in Acoustic Signals, Images, Video, and Sensor Data Streams
Deep Learning for Medical Imaging 3D Vision and Its Applications
Recent Advances in the Active Control of Sound Nonlinear Inverse Problems and Matrix Factorization
Advanced Signal Processing for Non-intrusive Load Monitoring Machine Learning for Multimedia Communications and Computing
Signal processing for multimedia security, privacy and trust Wildlife Bioacoustics and Adaptive Signal Processing
Challenges and Perspectives in spike-based sensing and processing Half a century of adaptive and statistical signal processing education
Traditional and Emerging Signal Processing Teaching Practices Perceptually motivated signal processing: data, algorithms and evaluation
Signal and Image Processing for Environmental Monitoring and Protection Learning Methods in Complex and Hypercomplex Domains
Artificial Intelligence based Human-Machine Conversation technology for Interactive Education Deep Learning for Multimedia Forensics
Parahermitian Matrix Factorisations and their Applications Signal Processing for Emerging Wireless Hardware Architectures
Signal Processing for Smart City Applications and the Internet of Things Anomaly Detection and Intent Inference in Object Tracking
Cross-modal Semantic Segmentation, Search and Knowledge Discovery Multimodal Representation Learning for Language Generation and Understanding
Advances in structured and constrained low-­‐rank approximations Emerging Methods for Multi-sensor Data Fusion and Tracking
Using AI and Signal Processing to empower human learning Communications and Radar Transmission: Coexistence and Beyond
Robust Distributed Computing AI for Sound: A Session Honoring Jan Larsen
Neural Networks for Signal Processing Applications Image and Video Processing for Public Security Applications
Recent Advances in Signal Processing for Large-Scale Computational Imaging Signal Processing for Sensing, Information Fusion, and Situational Awareness in Autonomous Systems
Statistical Signal Processing for Smart Grid Applications Tensor-based machine learning for multi-dimensional signal processing
Signal Processing for Big Data Machine Learning for Communications
Acoustic scene analysis and tracking for time-varying reverberant environments Emerging Quantum Signal Processing Paradigms

Special sessions - chair

Prof. Stephan Weiss

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Prof. Simon Godsill

Signal Processing and Communications


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Innovation Forum

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